• 2014 Biennial Dinner is Approaching!

    On the evening of October 30, 1922 the first formal meeting of the Kenilworth Historical Society was held. Mrs. Joseph Sears held the meeting at the Sears home, as well as served dinner to all of those in attendance. Following the inception of the Kenilworth Historical Society, the members of the Historical Society began the tradition of holding a biennial turkey dinner with the purpose of commemorating Joseph Sears’ purchase of the land that was developed into to Village of Kenilworth.

    Today, the Biennial Dinner serves as the Kenilworth Historical Society’s largest fundraiser and the 2014 Biennial Dinner is quickly approaching. The 2014 Dinner highlights the relationship between the 1893 Chicago Columbian Exposition and the Village of Kenilworth. Chicago Historian, Bill Hinchliff will present “The Columbian Exposition and The Marketing of Kenilworth as a World’s Fair Village.”

    The 2014 Biennial Dinner will be held on Friday October 24th, 2014 at the Kenilworth Club. For further information, or to make reservations, contact the Kenilworth Historical Society at kenilworthhistory@sbcglobal.com or 847.251.2565.

    The Kenilworth Historical Society thanks you for your generous and ongoing support.

    Thank you to David Birdwell at YourPlanB.com for design.

    Thank you to David Birdwell at YourPlanB.com for design.

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