A variety of Kenilworth related books and gifts are available when you visit The Kenilworth Historical Society at 415 Kenilworth Avenue in Kenilworth, IL. We are open Monday from 9:00am to 4:30pm, and Thursday from 9:00am to 4:30pm.


Joseph Sears and His Kenilworth $15
Coleen Kilner, 1969

Kenilworth Tree Stories $15
Coleen Kilner, 1972

George Washington Maher in Kenilworth $10
Kenilworth Historical Society, 2004

View From the Path: Jens Jensen in Kenilworth $20
Kenilworth Historical Society, 2004

The Suburban Ideal Revisited $10
Melinda Kwedar, 2004

The Green Dream: People of Kenilworth Celebrate Natural Beauty $20
Kwedar, Buckley, and Macica, 2008

Kenilworth: First Fifty Years $10
Reprint of 1947 original, 2013

Kenilworth Plate by Pickard China $15

Centennial Home plaque $75

Box set of 20 note cards by artist Sue Kerr $15