• Digital Photograph Campaign!

    KHS has initiated a Digital Photograph Campaign! The purpose of the Digital Photograph Campaign is to collect and preserve contemporary photographs of the people, places, and organizations of Kenilworth. In addition to being a visual record, these photographs illustrate changes Kenilworth has undergone.

    Photography has shifted dramatically to digital formats in the last 10 years, and KHS wants to make it easier for you donate these photographs. By donating your photographs to KHS we are able to grow out collection and fulfill our mission, to collect, preserve, and make available the history of the Village of Kenilworth.

    To donate a digital photograph to KHS, please complete the following steps:
    • Email photographs to: khsassistantcurator@gmail.com
    • Subject field titles: Digital Photo for KHS
    • Attach the highest resolution photograph you have to the email in a .JPG or .TIFF file
    • The body of the email need to contain a complete description, including:
    o Names of all individuals in the photograph
    o Names of photographer
    o Location
    o Date
    o Any other pertinent information, such as: When the homeowners moved into the residence, what event the photograph was taken at, etc.
    • Note: Up to 5 photographs can be attached to a single email ONLY if the description is the same for each photograph

    The support of donations are essential to grow the historical society’s collections and exhibits. The Kenilworth Historical Society thanks you for your continued support.



    615 Abbotsford, Kenilworth, Illinois c. early 1900s


    615 Abbotsford, Kenilworth, Illinois. 1982

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