• Kenilworth Traditions: Old and New (Summer 2012)

    The Kenilworth Historical Society is pleased to announce the opening of our newest exhibit, “Kenilworth Traditions: Old and New”. The Kenilworth Historical Society’s Board Members came up with the exhibit concept in light of the many unique traditions that have been an important part of Kenilworth’s history. Some notable traditions include: Memorial Day Celebration; Village Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony; Kenilworth Historical Society Christmas Tree; Christmas Tree on Warwick; Block Parties; Kenilworth Field Days; Fireworks at Kenilworth Beach; New Year’s Party at Kenilworth Club; Scouting; Sears Halloween Parade; and Sears Graduation Parade.

    In compiling artifacts for this exhibit, Kenilworth residents dusted off their scrapbooks and searched their basements and attics, donating photographs, movies, videos, programs, Christmas ornaments, banners, trophies and other historical items. Residents also shared their personal memories of participating in many of these unique traditions. Some traditions have existed for more than 100 years, while others are new on the scene.

    The Kenilworth Historical Society is open every Monday from 9am-4:30pm and every Thursday from 9am-12pm. Stop in to learn more about Kenilworth’s traditions.


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